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They Think I'm Chinese!

They Think I'm Chinese!
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Friday, December 21, 2012

Flaws in our society and school system today

Hey Readers,
Right now I am almost done with my first semester and ready for break. After this first semester of high or school of my Junior year. I have realized many things. Life isn't always easy and we as individual humans sometimes just have a certain way of thinking that makes some skills, tasks and knowledge easier to comprehend and others not so much. After studying of Chemistry,  six hours straight of going over equations and vocab, almost every night before a test and somehow seeming to always fail. I realized it wasn't me as a student that was failing, it was just the way my teacher taught, didn't make my mind grasp what she taught us. It's just good to know I did my best. I even got a tutor, but it didn't make much of a difference because what my teacher said and taught the way she said it worked for many students, and I worked extra hard, although I still didn't grasp it.

Honestly, we all know teachers have a tough job.They have around 100-300 students and at a bigger school I can't even imagine all the students they have to teach. Also, they have classes up to about thirty or more students. So a teachers job can be stressful. Although since there is only one teacher, they can only teach one way, and not all teachers fit all types of learning styles for students. I think that's why I did so poorly in Chemistry, I ended up with a D, which is not good but still passing. i did everything I could as a student my parents even paid for a tutor, but it just didn't click. Knowing there are different types of students, there are also different types of students. I share this with you because if you ever have a experience know that life will go on. yes a D is not a very good grade, although since I want to study English and Sign language  in my college career, my counselor said it wasn't hugely important. She also pointed out studying that much and not having time for myself and for the activities I enjoy at times was not healthy  Next semester I have Zoology for science which is a lot more biology based and from what I saw of my grades posted I didn't get below a B- yet, in other classes.

Learning from experience and being on the 3.0 honor roll, I have had a subject I struggled with year after year, although it was a different subject depending on how much I liked the class. This year it's my Science, although freshmen year it was my favorite class. Freshmen year I loved Spanish but last year it was the worst. My point being it depends hugely on the teacher for me as a student. Some students learn faster but sometimes have trouble piking up art and creativity. We all have our back-age. It can be social  mental, or physical those are all huge aspects of school. Although, at times students like me who have a learning disability and have a very artsy right brain mind set, have to work harder in more left brain learning environment. Although I also tend to think right brain student's talents have been a little neglected. Sure choir, band, art and creative writing are electives today, but what if a student really excels at it. Schools are striving to show kids what they are really interested, but only if it fits in that box that society has set. For example, think of a student excels at singing but is failing math. When it comes to music it's like second nature to her, although whenever it comes to solving algebraic problems it doesn't click. My point is if schools want students too find what they are truly interested in, then shouldn't the students top subject be the core classes they need to take. College prepares you more for your main interest, the only problem is that everything we  learn grade school through high school is for the standardized tests or the SAT/ACT's.

I have heard teachers themselves even say they don't like this method of test taking. I honestly think that some problems that students face from this whole box that the school system has laid out, is that because they are not the kind of learners that standardized testing methods work for, or they are very good at a lot of the subjects and can't seem to pick one particular talent they would like to stick with. If you ask me I think the students who do not do so well in the core classes in school may have some low self esteem than the kids who have all A's. in the core subjects that the school pursues. It's always sad to see a D on a report card instead of an A, but what does it really mean? Society tells us that Math, Science English and History are all the most important subjects, which I tend to agree with, but why? Why cant the subjects students are interested in and strive to peruse be the core classes? Well, it's because the ACT/SAT doesn't measure how well you can sing or draw a self portrait, they measure you on the subject that as little first graders we are taught are the most important.

This is just my philosophy.

Anyway on a happier note, Christmas is coming. I am actually Jewish. Although, since this is America Christmas is mostly commercialized anyway. We celebrate it at our Catholic friends house. Actually, it's the friends that I went to China with and her dad and step mom. it's always fun, we exchange gifts, eat a lot of food, and always have an annual ping pong gun war. We always manage to break an ordainment, which I hope this year they put the valuable ones at the top of the tree or hidden from our aim.

Anyway, hope you all have a happy holiday, merry Christmas, kicking Kwanzaa and a happy new year.

Love to everyone,

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J.Y. said...

I love your honesty and openness. I really agree with you about school and how frustrating it can be for students. Have you seen the film "Race to Nowhere"? I think you might find it interesting. There is a movement to change things. Also take a look at AERO (Alternative Education Reform Organization). So many people feel there is too much pressure to perform well on tests in school with little attention to individual learning styles. True intelligence and creativity can't be measured by grades or tests. Follow your passions. : )